Duo Diary (One Month Journal)

Duo Diary (One Month Journal)

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The Original Duo Diary is a unique, easy to use one month journal to help you nurture yourself and your baby. This original one month journal has our signature side by side page design that allows you to easily support your baby's health and yours at the same time. 

On one page, you can track health points and activities for your baby - breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, sleep, wet and dirty diapers, plus space to write down any symptoms, behaviors, or patterns- or even just a place to write down memories, to-do's, or anything else that helps you. On the opposite page is a page for you- a space where you can support your new postpartum health by keeping track of basic (yet often overlooked for new moms) health activities, like food & water intake, sleep, exercise, and more space to write down any postpartum symptoms, self care reminders, or just good ol' fashioned journaling. It's all in here- everything you need to nurture your baby and yourself.

This journal is portable and a great tool for anyone with a newborn.

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