Wellness for women and babies

Duo Diary was created by a struggling new mom who quickly realized how difficult it was to take care of herself while she cared for her new baby. 

We believe in the concept of self care and "putting on your oxygen mask first."  We also recognize how near impossible this is as a new mom. So we created Duo Diary to be simple and easy to use, with a unique dual purpose- keep mom healthy on one side, and keep baby health on the other. 

What is it?

Duo Diary is a unique, easy to use journal to help you nurture yourself and your baby. Our side by side page design allows you to easily support your baby's health and yours at the same time.

Need more help? Check out our resources page for info on breastfeeding, mental health, physical health, providers, and more. 

Duo Diary is easily portable and a great tool to improve communication with all the care providers you come into contact with in those early weeks- your OB, pediatrician, doula, lactation consultants, and more. 

We've been featured on The Huffington Post, across many prominent mommy bloggers, and are a Best In Baby Business Magazine Top Baby & Kids Invention! See what all the buzz is about!