A Duo Diary One Year Supply is the perfect gift for any mom-to-be! 

Duo Diary was created by a struggling new mom who quickly discovered the major gap in our healthcare system for taking care of the recovery, healing, and ongoing health of postpartum moms. Duo Diary aims to empower women to take charge of their health by writing down simple care activities like exercise and food intake, while also allowing space for journaling about how she is feeling mentally and physically postpartum - all while also tracking your baby's important health info.  

On one side, you can:

  • Track your food & water intake
  • Monitor your sleep 
  • Track exercise
  • Keep notes about how you are feeling mentally and physically postpartum

On the opposite page is everything you need to track your baby's health (you know, all the stuff your pediatrician asks but your sleep deprived brain can't remember):

  • Wet and dirty diapers
  • Track sleep
  • An extra column for other things you need to track and notes space to write down behaviors, memories for the day, or notes for the sitter. 
  • How many minutes you breastfed or ounces baby had in a bottle
  • Monitor your supply by noting how many ounces you've pumped
  • Remember what time you've fed your baby last by writing down feeding times

Duo Diary is easily portable and a great tool to improve communication with all the care providers you come into contact with in those early weeks- your OB, pediatrician, doula, lactation consultants, and more. 

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