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Duo Diary is a wellness journal for moms & babies. Find out more about how a Duo Diary can support you.


Find everything you need to help make life as a new mom easier.

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Meet the mom behind Duo Diary.

Duo Diary Wellness Journal Founder

Welcome to Duo Diary! My name is Rachel and I’m the founder and creator of Duo Diary, a unique new wellness journal for moms and their baby. I created Duo Diary after the birth of my child, when I quickly realized the challenges of caring for a baby and myself. By using a Duo Diary, I was able to discover a health condition in my baby, figure out my own health issues, lose weight, get more sleep, and feel more energized. Our website, Instagram and Facebook pages also provide new moms with tons of great resources, tips and tools to help you! Want to find out how a Duo Diary can help you manage your baby's health AND yours? Find out more...

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