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Like most new products, Duo Diary was created out of a need- a need for me as new mom to track my own health while I also tracked my baby's. A need to be able to somehow, someway take care of my own health while I learned how to take care of my tiny little human. A need that I could not find anywhere. 

So I created it. And the original Duo Diary was born- the first wellness journal for new moms to get themselves started on healing, recovering, and managing their postpartum health while also monitoring their baby's health points like feedings, diapers, and sleep. 

Duo Diary has gotten tons of great coverage from top mommy bloggers and tons of great feedback. This also helped me realized that the idea of helping new moms heal and recover after childbirth is just not a common concept. A pregnant woman is the recipient of the best society has to offer - love, adoration, help, assistance, encouragement, wishes and tools for health and feeling well. But once the baby comes, the focus shifts solely to the baby and mom is sort of forgotten. There is no safety net for the health of a new mom the way there is for the newborn. Unfortunately, this happens at the most vulnerable time in her life, the time in her life when she needs nurturing the most. 

Our second edition of Duo Diary addresses this. Inside you'll find many more tools to help you nurture yourself, to remember yourself in this process, and to encourage you to care for yourself while you care for your baby.

There is ample research showing the positive benefits of journaling. You may think you won't have time for it when the baby is here, but you'll soon find that you can't live without it. From not having to remember how many wet and dirty diapers your baby has had when the pediatrician asks (and they will ask!) to remembering the last time you ate, journaling in short bursts can have huge affects.

Still unsure? Consider that you can easily start feeling healthier for less than a cup of all that coffee you are suddenly drinking (the sleep deprivation struggle is real!). Duo Diary is an affordable, easy way to make sure you are the healthiest mama you can be, so that you can be the best mama you can be. 

Duo Diary is available in our original one month version and in our new second edition with more bells and whistles to get your self care recovery journey started. Check out our shop and get yours today.

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