5 Companies That Love New Moms

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When you have a baby, the whole world seems to conspire to make sure you have everything you'll need in pregnancy, and everything you'll need for your new baby to arrive.

What they don't seem to have covered is what you'll need for YOU.

It's no secret that postpartum health care in the United States is...well...lacking, to put it nicely. The baby industry is just another symptom of that massive problem- postpartum health for moms is overlooked once the baby arrives. But the baby care industry is a $10.8 billion dollar industry.

But what about an industry for the mom?

What about moms that are dealing with postpartum health issues or struggles of any kind? This is a huge purpose for Duo Diary. Of course new babies need to be cared for, but guess what? So do new moms! 

So we wanted to give a huge shout out to other companies that focus JUST on mom. Companies that have not forgotten about YOU. You are, after all, the one who did (and are still doing) all the heavy lifting, not to mention probably trying to recover from the single most traumatic natural event a human body can go through- childbirth.

Here are 5 businesses focused on mom's postpartum health after baby. Got a company you love that loves moms? Leave it in the comments!

MotherBees: The First Forty Days Book

A book about how new mothers can help themselves heal (or how those around them can support them) from birth through nourishing food and traditions. It's subtitle says it all: "The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother." Yes, it IS essential! Inside you'll find recipes, ways that you and those around you can care for you, and tons of great info all about caring for new mama. It's an excellent baby shower gift for any first time mom. 

Mama Mio Skincare

This skincare line has it all - decadent feeling creams for every phase of your pregnant and postpartum body (you can literally shop by trimester and postpartum phase), from oils to belly butter rubs. Safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it's all free from yucky stuff like parabens, phlalates, xenoestrogens, and petrolatum. The best part? This stuff works. 

Oh Baby! Fitness

Starting or getting back into an exercise routine is often a big need and want for moms after they are cleared for exercise, but the challenge is: how the heck do you exercise with a baby? (This question could be applied to anything post-baby: "How the heck do you (insert any task) with a baby?") Oh Baby! Fitness has figured out a way to enable pre and post natal women to exercise, safely and properly for whatever phase they are in, without having to worry about childcare because baby is incorporated into class. A national organization (check to see if Oh Baby! Fitness is in your state), they've got mama's wellbeing at the top of their list: classes are led by pre and postnatal certified instructors, and medical clearance is required to participate. Did we mention they have an OB, PT, RN, experts in pelvic issues, counselor, dietition, and pediatrician as advisors? This is a company that has thought through all the details for new mom exercise. 

The Motherhood Center of NYC

Yes, this is only in NYC, sadly, but hopefully this type of center will catch on. The Motherhood Center is exactly what it says- a center for mothers, with day programs for women with PMADs (perinatal mood and anxiety disorders), counseling, classes and support groups that range from support, breastfeeding, postnatal fitness with focuses on the unique issues that affect postpartum women’s bodies, and tons more. All with an on-site nursery, because one of the hardest things about a new mom taking care of herself is that she often doesn’t have someone to help care for her baby while she does. This center is lightyears ahead and as far as we know, one of the only ones like it in the country. 

Birth Fit

Located in Venice, CA but with Regional Directors across the country, Birth Fit is truly dedicated to changing the game for women who are trying to get pregnant, women who are pregnant, or women who have had a baby. Their four pillars- fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, and mindset- help women rock each of these phases in a healthy, fully functional way. You can sign up for a consultation with a Regional Director to discuss your situation and goals, check out their free webinars, podcast, blog and tons more. 

Of course, don’t forget that Duo Diary is an integral part of your healing from childbirth, and a great way to get some focus back on YOU.

What companies do you love that love mommas?

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