5 Ways This Ancient Technique Can Help You After Having a Baby

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Up until recently, the whole world was obsessed with doing everything online - there is literally an app for everything - and the idea of writing things down seemed downright archaic. Pshaw, who writes with...pen and paper?

But lately you may have noticed, the good ol' pen and paper are making a comeback. The benefits of journaling are well documented, Bullet Journals are all the rage, walk into any Target or even Anthropologie and you'll see stacks of guided journals for everything from lists to worry journals to walls and walls of Moleskines

It's a thing now, in case you didn't know.

Why Writing Things Down is Making a Comeback

Apps are great and all, but it seems people are realizing that when things are put into an app, they stay there, hidden away in your phone. 

Not so with journaling.

Journaling has been around for thousands of years, from Roman Emperors to Middle East and ancient East Asian cultures. The health benefits of journaling are well documented, helping to improve everything from blood pressure to sports performance. 

It's also one of the easiest, most important things you can do for your health after you have a baby. Here's why:

How Journaling Can Help You Postpartum

  • Writing things down may help with memory recall and information processing. So, you know, when your pediatrician starts to drill you about the number of dirty diapers your kid has had in the last 24 hours you might actually remember, despite not having slept for 3 months.


  • Journaling is known to help anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Since postpartum depression and anxiety affect a reported 11-20% of women who give birth each year (that's 600,000 women per year according to the CDC, and those are only the reported cases), journaling is something new moms should definitely consider doing.


  • Journaling may help with physical pain. Researchers believe that it can help strengthen your immune system. Given the sheer physical load a woman's body goes through in pregnancy and childbirth (and recovery and breastfeeding), regular journaling may have a profound affect on your physical wellbeing after having a baby.


  • Food journaling is shown to help aid in weight loss. And for moms who are dying to feel like themselves again, this can be a huge help. If you are a breastfeeding mom, writing down what you are eating can also help pinpoint potential food sensitivities (like dairy) that may be affecting your baby through breastmilk. 


  • It helps "clear the field." A simple to-do list or action items can get all the thoughts swimming around in your head out and onto paper, freeing up that mental space for all the other mental loads of parenthood.

I know what you are thinking, who the hell has time to write in a journal between poopy diapers and spit up duty? The good news is journaling doesn't have to be all or nothing - a few minutes or seconds here and there throughout the day can have big effects. So grab your Duo Diary and get writing - it's one of the easiest things you can do to feel great after having a baby. 

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