5 More Mommy Must Haves

Last month we talked about 5 Mommy Must Haves that we wish someone had told us about when we were registering. But of course, there are way more than five amazing items to help a new mom's life be a little bit easier. Along with a one year supply of Duo Diary, these items would be great shower gifts for any mom-to-be in your life! So, here are 5 MORE mommy must haves!

baby registry gifts

The Sound Sleeper App

Last month we talked about the wonders of a sound machine for a baby that's sleeping. This app is a miracle for parents who are in the newborn/infant phase and need that "4th Trimester" white noise on a moment's notice. The beauty of the app is it's portability - you can lull baby to sleep on walks, car rides, etc. 

baby registry gifts

Fischer Price Rock N Play

The Fischer Price Rock n Play has a cult following in many mommy circles, and for good reason. The snuggly, slightly upright design seems to help even the most colicky babies sleep.


My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow


This pillow is just better than any other nursing pillow out there- it's made from a firm foam and covered in a removable and washable soft cover. There's also a belt that you can wrap around your waist so it sits snug exactly where you need it, and baby can rest on it while feeding. The firmness of the foam makes a huge difference - there's less fidgeting to get into the right position, and the belt allows you to hoist it up higher (unlike a regular nursing pillow that sits on your lap), which helps with not feeling so hunched over. Plus a little pocket to keep water or your Duo Diary, these folks thought of everything. 


Sleep Sacks & Swaddles

If you want to swaddle but can't get it to stay, sleep sacks (great for sleeping) and other swaddles are a SUPER easy way to keep baby swaddled. The Halo Sleep Sack is great for nights when baby is still too little to have any blankets in their crib but you still want to keep them warm. Want a swaddle that just wraps your baby without you figuring out how to fold, place, and tuck properly? Ziggy Baby, Swaddle Me, and the Woombie all have great options. 


Yoga Pants 

Yes, you may have dreams of being a stylish mom who looks put together and wouldn't be caught dead in sweats, but there is nothing better than having a good pair (or 2) of yoga pants on hand. And not pre-pregnancy ones, either- a brand new pair that is comfortable for your body now. There are a million brands out there now, from the more expensive Lululemon to the midprice range Fabletics to Old Navy. (Just trust us on this one!)

What were your mommy must-haves?

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