"Why Mark Zuckerberg is the Kind of Dad America Needs Now" -from Mashable

"Zuckerberg hasn't acknowledged the influence of his leadership as a CEO and father, but it has the potential to shift our collective notions about work and family in profound ways."

We all know our culture is in dire need of a 'collective shift' on the way we view work and family. If you are reading this chances are you've had to deal with the concept of maternity and paternity leave, and are now well aware of the woefully inadequate ways that both fail to support new families. Paid leave is (and should be) a hot button issue this political season, and this article highlights some of the ways Mark Zuckerberg's small but potent peeks into his life as a father may help keep this conversation at the forefront of the minds of new parents, and hopefully, our policy makers and company heads. 

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