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When I got pregnant, like many first time (aka blissfully unaware) moms I envisioned a newborn period that looked like a stock photo of a sleeping baby and a mom with a peaceful, content smile on her lips.

What reality served up was more like hair that hadn’t been washed in three days, a screaming baby, and...all that other stuff no one tells you about having a baby. 

I was desperate for a product like Duo Diary

Duo Diary Health & Wellness for Moms

My baby was colicky and was not gaining weight properly. While we tried to figure out what was going on, I began keeping notes about feedings, diapers, sleep, and behaviors. You know, all the stuff your pediatrician asks you about that you are too sleep deprived to remember.

We saw 6 lactation consultants, 3 pediatricians, 2 holistic practitioners, a doula, and a partridge in a pear tree. Because I was writing down my baby's symptoms, I was able to figure out what they had all missed - my baby had a common, yet often misdiagnosed, tongue tie

Thankfully, this condition is treatable and my baby's health quickly improved.



Throughout this, I had put caring for myself on the back burner. Needless to say, this did not do wonders for my health.

As moms, it's easy to fall into the trap of brushing off symptoms while we care for those around us. So I expanded my journaling to include myself - what I was eating, how I was sleeping, what was triggering my symptoms. Journaling forced me to face reality: I had health issues that I'd been chalking up as "normal" (and was even told this by doctors), but that needed addressing.

With the help of a women's health physical therapist, a nutritionist, and great programs like Mutu System (of which Duo Diary is an affiliate because they are so amazing), my health improved. But it was a long journey, one that no doubt would have been shorter had I been listening to my body earlier and demanded better care for myself than I was getting.

This was when I discovered the power of journaling as a new mom.

journal for new moms


Journaling about my health and my baby’s in the same place was a game changer. I found my baby's tongue tie, figured out my own health issues, got my nutrition on track, started proper exercise, started losing the baby weight, and most importantly - I started feeling like myself again.

I couldn’t believe something so simple - a place for a new mom to care for herself in the same place she is caring for her baby- didn’t already exist.

So, I created it.


What's Inside

Inside a Duo Diary, you'll find an easy way to support your new postpartum health while you manage your baby's. It's common for new moms to find it difficult to separate themselves from their new baby, and Duo Diary was designed with this in mind. On one page, you can track health points and activities for your baby - breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, sleep, wet and dirty diapers, plus space to write down any symptoms, behaviors, or patterns- or even just a place to write down memories, to-do's, or anything else that helps you. On the opposite page is a page for you- a space where you can support your new postpartum health by keeping track of basic (yet often overlooked for new moms) health activities, like food journaling, sleep, water intake, exercise, and more space to write down any postpartum symptoms, self care reminders, or just journaling. It's all in here- everything you need to nurture your baby and yourself. 

Health journal for mom and baby


More Resources for New Moms

My health journey gave me a crash course in the state of women's health and essential postpartum care. The United States has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the worst countries in the developed world for postpartum care. At Duo Diary, we believe no woman should have to struggle to figure out basic postpartum health information at such a vulnerable time in her life, and we are committed to educating and empowering women about their postpartum health. What I discovered is how lacking this knowledge is in our society- women don’t even know they aren’t supposed to be feeling bad. Chalking things up to your ‘new normal’ is unacceptable.

So I created Duo Diary to be much more than just a journal.

If you are tired, feeling aches and pains, feel 'off,' can't understand why you've now got a 'mummy tummy,' or want to learn more about common issues like diastasis recti, then our Resources, Facebook, and Instagram pages will give you the tools you need to start feeling better in your new postpartum world.

You know the whole “put your oxygen mask on first” thing? Yeah, motherhood is like that.

Put your oxygen mask on first, mamas.


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