Duo Diary (One Month Journal)
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Back in stock at the end of August.

Duo Diary is a unique, easy to use journal to help you nurture yourself and your baby. This original one month journal has our signature side by side page design that allows you to easily support your baby's health and yours at the same time.

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Duo Diary (Preorder)
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Duo Diary is excited to announce our second edition! Pre-order yours now (available in September). Duo Diary second edition is a 3-month journal that encompasses our signature side-by-side page design that allows you to care for your baby on one side and yourself on the other. 

This journal is portable and a great tool to help improve how you are feeling while you easily track your baby's health. Available in convenient packs to fit your needs. 1 journal=3 months, 2 journal set = 6 months, 3 journal sets = 9 months. Our one year supply makes a fantastic shower gift!

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