Our Story

When my baby arrived, I quickly realized how difficult it was going to be to take care of myself while I learned how to take care of this new tiny little human. As a result, like many new moms, my health was put on the back burner while I adjusted to the transition of becoming a mother. Not shocking, this did not do wonders for my health. 

I recognized how helpful baby logs were for keeping track of my baby's health, and started to look for something where I could monitor my own health at the same time, but couldn't find anything to help new moms take care of themselves. (Apparently the "lacking culture of postpartum care" in the U.S. applies to the baby product industry as well. My hope is for products like Duo Diary to change that.)

So I created what I needed. Something simple, something portable, something that would let me track stuff that most baby logs didn't (like pumping), and something that would let me start with the very basics of how to take care of myself. I'm a pen and paper girl, so journaling was a natural fit for me, and now I know why it turned out to be so helpful - there is a lot of research on the benefits of journaling, such as:

Ink on Paper: Some Notes on Note Taking

Journaling for Mental Health

Writing About Emotional Experiences as a Therapeutic Process

The Health Benefits of Journaling

I started noticing patterns in my baby's health and eventually in my own health. Through the simple act of writing things down I was able to discover my baby's tongue tie and recognize I needed more postpartum care than the standard 6 week checkup. 

Throughout this process, I realized two things: 1) the power of awareness: this is one of the best things about journaling- sometimes the a-ha moments come just because you take a second to reflect; and 2) the power of awareness to spur action: once I realized that I wasn't actually feeling all that great, I sought help. It sounds crazy, but ever notice how we often just try to get on with our lives and ignore when things don't feel right? Writing things down forced me to take a look at my health in a way I hadn't been and ultimately, helped me learn how to take care of myself while taking care of my baby at the same time.

Our Mission

Duo Diary is a wellness company for new moms and babies.

We strive to improve the health and general wellbeing of new moms and their babies through our product, Duo Diary - a journal that allows new moms to track important health info for their baby and for themselves. Keeping in mind the intimately intertwined relationship between moms and their babies, Duo Diary is designed with side-by-side pages, with one side to track a new baby's health info (such as feedings, pumping, sleep, diapers, and more) and the other side to monitor a new mom's postpartum physical and mental wellbeing (by tracking food & water intake, sleep, exercise, and a space for notes to jot down symptoms, feelings, etc).

We aim for Duo Diary to improve the communication between a new mom and all caregivers, including pediatricians, OB's, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, and more. We believe that a healthy, thriving mom is one of the most important aspects of a healthy, thriving baby. 

We believe in advocating for the health and wellbeing of all new moms and babies, including advocating for better postpartum physical and mental care, feeding support and education, paid leave, and paternal leave policies. We engage our users through an active online community (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), our blog, and resources for new moms to better their health while they care for their new baby. 


The Duo Diary method allows you a space for self-care at a time when you need it the most.